Ace Natural Carbon Neutral

In order to deliver its healthy and organic products to all the corners of Tri-State area, Ace Natural operates warehouses and delivery vehicles in a manner that insures ingredients are fresh and within reach for its customers. Although a carbon footprint is hard to avoid in the business, Ace Natural wanted to make sure that emissions were reduced to a minimum.

In 2015, Ace Natural partnered with CO2logic to calculate the company’s entire carbon footprint and develop solutions that would ease Ace’s impact on the climate without drastically changing its infrastructure. Although we were able to find new opportunities, Ace Natural’s forward-thinking and innovative team had already taken some huge steps. In fact, they had already implemented three important solutions to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 40%:

  • Install solar PV panels: the majority of the CO2 reduction was attained by generating half of Ace Natural’s electricity demand with newly installed solar PV panels on its premises.
  • Integration of bio-diesel: Ace Natural adopted bio-diesel as an alternative to regular diesel fuel for its delivery trucks. This type of fuel is a domestically produced, clean-burning, renewable substitute for petroleum diesel.
  • Switch to a green electricity provider: by electing to purchase its electricity from a renewable electricity provider, Ace Natural was able to purchase all the electricity that it did not generate on its own from CO2-free sources.

Ace Carbon foot print was 225 metric tons of Co2. What is 225 metric tons of CO2?

002-global8 times around the world with an average American car
003-technology0.06 wind turbines to avoid the same amount of emission
004-sports15 football fields should be covered by a forest to capture this amount
001-transport86 round trip flights New York – London (economy)
005-nature20 acres of new forest are needed to capture this amount
000-cooking160 efficient cookstoves should be installed to offset this amount

Carbon neutrality


CO2logic helped identify other major opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions by a further 20%, including the following:

  • Implement preventative maintenance of air conditioners: regularly check and intervene faster when a leakage is identified.
  • Integration of bio-fuel for heating needs: use biofuels for heating needs.

To offset the remaining emissions, CO2logic provides Gold Standard projects ( that reduce deforestation and ensure better living conditions for the local population in Uganda. Thanks to ACE Natural’s efforts, 160 families have access to improved woodstove technologies that consume less carbon-based energy and emit less pollutants that may harm children.

Check out the Uganda Project

We are always striving to discover new ways to help the environment and reduce our footprint, and becoming a CO? neutral company was the next sustainable step for our company to help deliver our products to clients in the most environmentally friendly way possible”, said Ace Natural COO Alberto Gonzalez.


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