Ace: Now USDA/NOP Certified Organic!

October 17, 2013

October has been a month full of exciting changes (stay tuned for our post about our new partnership with Steve’s Ice Cream!), including our completion of the organic certification process through NOFA-NY. You may be thinking, Hasn’t Ace always carried organics? Yes, you’re right, we have been distributing some of the finest organic food to businesses in New York City for nearly 20 years now. All this certification means is that we recently decided to go the extra mile and apply for the official label, declaring that all of our internal processes are being verified by a third party. Before, we relied on our vendors to verify their products as organic…now, we’re selling the same healthy products but we’re also making sure that they’re certified. Says Ace’s Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Alberto Gonzalez, “We decided to take this extra step to be consistent. Here at Ace, we because we believe in transparency.”


 Another great aspect of this certification is that organics, by definition, are free of genetically altered ingredients. Ace has always been committed to distributing non-modified food, but this accreditation is a further commitment to our support of GMO-free agriculture. So has anything changed here at Ace? No! We are still giving you the best, highest quality, most nutritious organic food out there. Now it’s just officially labeled as such! Check out our monthly recipe posts featuring organic ingredients, to sample the delicious organic snacks and desserts you can make at home with the products we offer.

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