March 5, 2019

Great news! It’s the beginning of March, the weather is (hopefully) going to turn soon, and we are offering a deal on Teatulia’s newest product: handcrafted Tea Sodas. Described as a cross between tea and soda, “with no garbage at all,” each can contains only 16-20 grams of sugar and is made “single-garden direct.” This means that the tea is sourced from the company’s organic garden in Tetulia, a region of northern Bangladesh.

Teatulia’s garden isn’t merely a plot of land. They actually farm 3,000 acres of formerly barren, virgin land in Bangladesh. The space is now lush, flourishing, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

The tea that Teatulia grows and harvests is unique. “American taste buds are used to a certain flavor,” Teatulia’s co-founder and CEO Linda Appel Lipsius told Organic Spa Magazine in 2011. “However, this new origin delivers a heretofore unknown flavor profile: a full-bodied tea with a sweet, smooth finish and no bitterness.”

Combine this flavor profile with Teatulia’s take on natural soda and the result is bubbly, fruity, herb-reminiscent, and delicious. Says Ace’s Customer Service Manager, Matt Fried: “Tasting Teatulia Tea Sodas is a unique experience. They’re refreshing. The flavor of the tea really comes through, even after you drink it. The carbonation is just right. I love tea and sparkling water. I rarely drink soda. But I love these Tea Sodas.”

Teatulia puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to valuing the environment. Tea Sodas come in eco-canisters, which are made from recyclable and/or compostable materials, and derived from post-consumer waste. “It’s not often that we find drinks that create their own category and do things that are good for the planet,” says Matt. “This product knocks it out of the park on both counts.” A word to the wise: his favorite flavor is mint!

Is your mouth watering? Has your interest been piqued? We are currently offering a pretty sweet deal: order 2 cases of Teatulia’s Tea Sodas and get 2 cases free on all first-time orders! Click here to see if Teatulia’s Tea Sodas are your new sweet thing.

Images via Instagram: @teatuliateas

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