Produce Update: Local, Organic Strawberries Are Here!

Hello produce-lovers. We have an exciting update for you! As we mentioned in our Summer Produce Forecast, we’ve been waiting for our first bundle of local organic strawberries from Reeves Farm in Baldwinsville, NY…and they’re finally HERE! Why is this a big deal? Well, local strawberries are very rare on the retail level due to their perishability and Reeves is the only grower we know that produces for retail on the East Coast. (To clarify, other growers sell to retail, but not organic berries.)

We recently sold 50 cases to the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn; if you want to get some for yourself, please let us know how many cases you’d like so we can order directly from the farm. To contact us, call: (718) 784-6000 or email: Have a great day!

Image courtesy of Reeves Farm

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