What’s New At Ace: Our Hybrid Electric Truck!

November 23, 2013

1383601_584844931569033_1692289513_nAs many of our devoted readers and customers know, Ace runs on a triple bottom line business model, meaning that we aim to be cognizant of the economic, social and environmental outcomes of all of our actions.  Across the board, protecting the earth is the hardest aspect of this model to employ and we are aware that many companies end up cutting corners in order to raise profits, endangering the environment and sometimes even the health of their customers.  In order to stay true to our goals, all of us at Ace are constantly reevaluating our impact on our surroundings and, being a distribution company, we are perpetually trying to cut down on the amount of pollution we generate. In mid-2013 we began powering our entire fleet of delivery trucks—six in all– with biodiesel fuel and lately we have been searching for a way to take this effort a step further.


Now, we are excited to report that we have added a 195h Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over to our fleet which Ace’s Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Alberto Gonzalez, describes as “one of—if not the–cleanest truck one can get. Our use of biodiesel trucks was one stage and now we have decided to go a step further. The great thing about this new truck is that when it is idling it automatically switches to electric mode. In NYC there is a lot of traffic, a lot idling, so with this truck we will end up reducing our impact dramatically.”  The objective is to test out this technology and, if satisfied, switch the whole fleet to hybrid electric by 2015. Says Alberto, “True to our triple bottom line business model, Ace is doing these initiatives in order to ensure that our focus on exceptional customer service is not overriding our concern with our impact on nature.”  So next time you get a delivery from Ace, keep any eye out for our new truck. Ordering organic food may not be the only way that you are helping to protect the environment and those who inhabit it!


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