Ace’s Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

December 2, 2019

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Hello, friends! We’ve decided to depart from our gift guides of years past and try something new. Because the wonderful people in your life are (most likely) unique and uncategorizable, we’re no longer breaking the presents up by category (i.e. “partners” “siblings” etc.). Instead, we’re publishing one long list bursting with an array of delicious, healthy, eco-friendly presents perfect for lots of different people. These ideas are great for gift-giving winter holidays, but they also work as birthday presents, anniversary gifts, and random tokens of your affection. We hope that you can mix-and-match them with the friends, relatives, and acquaintances in your life who will love them. Enjoy!

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Patagonia is a company known for taking Corporate Responsibility seriously. This includes their dedication to fair labor practices, taking care of the environment, and much more. Browse their website for high-quality clothing and gear and take comfort in the fact that all of their products arrive with an Ironclad Guarantee.

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Alison Roman’s latest cookbook, Nothing Fancy, features “unfussy food paired with unstuffy vibes.” You’ll love Roman’s emphasis on veggies and appreciate the wide array of dishes, including Celery and Fennel with Walnuts and Blue Cheese and Crushed Blackberry and Cornmeal Cake. If you want to support local independent bookstores, we suggest ordering from Indiebound.

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Is there a special someone in your life who flies a lot? Give them the gift of a clean conscience by offsetting their travel emissions. Also, gift them these Trader Joe’s passport chocolate bars because they’re unnecessary and fun and thinking about global warming/the demise of the earth as we know it is the exact opposite of both those things.

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Pela Case has created the world’s first 100% compostable phone case and we couldn’t be more excited. So far, Pela reports that 528,112 phone users have made the switch, which means they’ve saved over 290,461 pounds of plastic from being produced. Plus, the cases come in a ton of cool colors and patterns so you can have your pick while doing good for the world. Buy one for every phone-user in your life and rejoice!

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Are your loved ones sporty? Or would they rather stay in and lounge? Either way, Girlfriend Collective’s eco-friendly leggings, made from post-consumer recycled water bottles, are the ultimate gift. Take Vogue’s word for it: “To feel the leggings, you’d never know they were made of ‘trash’; they’re sleek, stretchy, and super-soft.” Browse their collections now!

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In his latest book, We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast, Jonathan Safran Foer explores climate change and what all of us can do about it—beginning with what we eat for breakfast. Order the book via Indiebound or buy it from your local independent bookseller.

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If you have a person in your life who loves getting things in the mail, hates food waste, and adores cooking from scratch, we suggest gifting them a subscription to Imperfect Foods. Choose between a Green Box (packed with organically grown fruits and veggies) and a Regular Box (stuffed with fresh, conventional produce) and revel in the fact that while the produce is all “imperfect,” it’s still perfectly delicious. Enjoy!

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Treat your loved one to six creamy, delicious non-dairy pints from Van Leeuwen. Mix-and-match Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Vanilla, Vegan Cookies and Cream Swirl, Vegan Rocky Road, Vegan Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jame, and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yum!

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Catch up with an important person in your life over a leisurely, healthy, 100% vegan brunch at abcV. After you finish your Wild Blueberry Bowl (made with jungle peanut butter) or your Sunny Side Up Eggs (with herbal labneh), stroll over the Union Square Greenmarket to taste test freshly brewed teas, organic jams, and browse for a bit.

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Can you tell we like books? This perennial favorite from Divya’s Kitchen offers 100 seasonal recipes highlighting flavorful, vegetarian food. Plus, all the dishes are rooted in the ancient principles of Ayurvedic cooking. Order it from Indiebound.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2019 gift guide! If you celebrate a winter holiday, all of us at Ace are wishing you the happiest of holidays. And if you aren’t celebrating any holidays this month, we hope you treat yourself and your loved ones and have a lovely winter!

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