A Jolly Jaunt to Smorgasburg’s Winterfe(a)st

10822547_10152911563294579_527276486_nAs you’ve probably gathered, those of us who work for Ace love to feast…and we’ve discovered that a prime site for hunting down healthy, delicious local food (made by vendors who it’s easy to feel good supporting) are Brooklyn Flea’s multiple Smorgasburgs. We loved our time visiting the Brooklyn Heights location back in September so much that we decided to go again–this time popping up at the indoor Winter Flea + Holiday Market in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights…

Walking down the street, it would be easy to miss the wooden ramp and sign that mark the spot if it weren’t for the horde of Brooklyn hipsters and unashamed food and flea connoisseurs traipsing into the renovated factory. 10814153_10152911574684579_1793826043_nOne of the many awesome things about the Winterfest is that they don’t just have food–they also offer a huge array of vendors boasting beautiful flea market finds. From gorgeous mirrors to old books, handcrafted jewelry, high quality children’s toys, and more, something among the offerings is sure to catch your eye.10811537_10152913396694579_2030186443_nOf course, we were on a mission to find the food so we didn’t have time to shop. We’d heard a rumor that seven–seven–of our amazing customers were setting up shop at 1,000 Dean so we were all about that food. Funnily enough, the offerings from the assortment of Ace customers who were at the Winterfest formed the components of a perfect meal: Brooklyn Soda Works and Brooklyn Roasting Company make delicious caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, depending on your preference. Chickpea & Olive, Charlito’s Cocina, and Asia Dog sell filling and creative main courses for veg, vegan, and more omnivorous eaters alike. And last but not least, Whimsy & Spice and Blue Marble Ice Cream serve some delectable desserts.10819069_10152911565509579_1320277825_nOur first stop? Ace customer Asia Dog, who has a lovely booth in a sunlit dining room on the second floor and is famous for their new take on the hot dog, loading up the classic NYC staple with Asian-inspired toppings. We ordered our dogs, staked out one of the wooden picnic tables that lined the room, and waited till our pager buzzed (they’re so organized!).10806993_10152911563474579_100600524_nLo and behold, our dogs were indeed delicious! Pictured above is the Thai-style “Sidney,” topped with relish, mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and fish sauce. We chose a chicken hot dog (you can order chicken, beef, organic beef, or veg) and a whole wheat bun (never fear, white bread buns are also on tap). The result was the perfect mix of crunchy, meaty, and juicy, with the mango adding a sweet & saucy kick.961371_10152911605299579_1431987036_nOther options included handcrafted tapas…10806941_10152911563004579_2101399678_nAnd Dough’s delectable doughnuts!10815806_10152911579814579_1321955768_nPlus there are many spots to sit and enjoy your meal. We were impressed that although the place was quite crowded, we didn’t have to wait around for a seat.10807918_10152911564564579_627659193_nAnd with our stomachs full and our hearts utterly content, we bid adieu to Crown Heights.

Until next time, Smorgy!