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Smorgasburg Is Back!

Howdy friends! It’s that time of year again: the sun is blazing every day, the sidewalks smell like trash well-done, and MTA delays, no longer nuisances, mean extra time spent in air conditioning (i.e. refuge). Oh, and also…SMORGASBURG IS BACK!!!That’s right, you heard it here first. Smorgasburg is in full swing at all the usual […]

Giving Thanks With Ace Customers: 2017

Hi friends! It’s November, which means it’s time for something we do every year: brag about all the amazing food our customers will be cooking for that little holiday known as Thanksgiving. Due to limited space we can’t highlight everyone but we are super excited to tell you why you should dine with these fine […]

Smorgasburg Sundays

Last weekend, we took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and headed over to Breeze Hill in Prospect Park, where the Sunday Smorgasburg was in full swing! For those of you who don’t know, Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn staple and self-described as “the largest weekly open-air food market in America, attracting 20,000-30,000 people to Brooklyn each weekend […]

New Year, New Happenings

Hi friends! It’s a brand new year and our customers are killing it with a variety of fresh endeavors. From raising enough money through Kickstarter to open a vegan butcher shop, to inventing a new burger menu, opening an ice cream shop in Haiti, and more, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with these ambitious health food connoisseurs. […]

Ace Customer Thanksgiving Round-Up: 2016

Hey there, friends! Welcome to our annual Ace Customer Thanksgiving Round-Up. Each year, we like to highlight a few of our many customers who have whipped up a special menu for the holiday. We’re sorry to not be able to include everyone but here’s a list of a few of our spectacular customers and the […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day The Ace Way

It’s somehow already the first week of February (seriously, how did that happen?!) which means that it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether the one day a year officially devoted to love is your greatest joy or your personal nightmare, it’s happening and there’s no better way to celebrate/power through it than in the company of Ace […]

Acing Thanksgiving: Dining With Our Customers

Thanksgiving may be a holiday that has traditionally revolved around a bird, but that doesn’t mean yours has to! No matter what your eating style is, our awesome customers have you covered. Reserve a seat at Cleaver Co.’s Green Table for a delicious organic meal filled with seasonal, local grub. Supplement that Vegetarian Lasagna you’re making for […]

At The Prospect Park Smorgasburg With Brooklyn Roasting Company + More…

Have you heard? NYC’s beloved Smorgasburg can now be found at Prospect Park instead of Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sundays. Since some of our wonderful customers are there–and because we are insatiable foodies–we decided to go check it out this past weekend. The new Smorg is located on Breeze Hill, a little to the north of the LeFrak Center at […]

Mid-Morning Munching With Monk’s Meats

The challenge of most vegan eateries is making food that doesn’t contain animal products and tastes delicious enough to attract both vegans and those who prefer a carnivorous diet. Ace customer Monk’s Meats, a “purveyor of plant-based meats and cheeses,” has an even greater challenge: making 100% vegan food that not only is meat/dairy-free but also masquerades as the real […]