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Juice Press’s Newest Products

Hi friends! As you know, Juice Press has been a loyal Ace customer for years and we’re so excited to report that we recently had the chance to taste a bunch of their new products. From cold-pressed, organic juices to guilt-free cookies and delicious mini chocolate bars, JP knows how to make healthy food DELICIOUS. […]

January Juicin’ With Ace Customer Juice Press

Last week, we were lucky enough to try a customized juice cleanse with Ace customer Juice Press. Touted as health boosters akin to secret serums by celebrities like Miranda Kerr, chefs such as Adam Geringer, and designers like Alexander Wang, Juice Press’s drinks are far from underappreciated…but that doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop singing their […]

Instagram Foodie Faves

Since its genesis in October of 2010, Instagram has–sometimes mercilessly–been used to document the every meal, spoonful, and bite of its avid users. The results have manifested themselves in the form of hashtags like #foodporn, #nomnom, #FDLmoment, #foodventures, and the slightly crass #foodgasm.  Search a bit harder, however, and you’ll find a more self-selecting audience: #thisiswhatveganseat, #localfood, […]

The Holidays, Naturally: Ace’s 2015 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

For those who celebrate, the winter holidays tend to be both extremely wonderful and supremely exhausting. There are few things more joyous than spending time with your loved ones but it can’t be denied that between traveling to see them, preparing your house if you’re hosting, cooking, cleaning, and organizing, there is often little time left […]