Ace’s Booth @ The 2017 NY Restaurant Show


This year’s New York Restaurant Show was held at the Javits Center on March 5-7 and, for the first time ever, Ace had its own booth! Yes, that’s right: friends who wanted to find us could just stop by Booth 2335A and say hi. It was a lovely three days filled with enlightening conversations with both new and old friends, and we feel so lucky to have had the privilege of sharing what we do at Ace with so many people. Keep reading to hear members from the Ace team wanted to weigh in on their favorite moments…


“The show was so much fun! I’ve been talking to customers for about 16 years and never had a chance to meet them face-to-face. The first day I was a bit nervous, but as soon as I started meeting people and telling them about Ace, I saw there was so much interest in what we do, in what we sell, and people were excited to know that something like Ace existed. Basically a one-stop-shop for restaurants!”  –Kathy, Procurement


“I have closely watched Ace Natural go from a mere thought experiment to where it is today 22 years later, so having a booth at the Restaurant Show for the first time represents a milestone. Having been an attendee since a kid, I understood why Larry and Tor never considered it. It is typically a lot of institutional feeding and much less of the old-school charm of selling raw food to restaurant chefs, which is what Ace Natural does. However, this year had a more emphasized focus on local NY state producers, and natural foods in general, so Tor & co. thought it was a good time to have our own booth.”  –Paul, Produce Procurement Logistics



“Being the only organic food distributor reinforced how I feel about what we do; it’s unique. Most people were exhibiting products, but we were demonstrating a wide range of products and the service to deliver those products quickly & sustainably.”  –Matt, Customer Service Management

“On Monday and Tuesday, the real chefs, or those that wield a knife for a paycheck, were out and we met so many new and old friends. We also were visited by many of the folks selling local products looking for distribution…many with established accounts. Just talking and putting faces to names and chit chatting with all parties involved was a super opportunity to enrich our relationships. Allison, Rod, Matthew, Isabel, and of course Kathy did an awesome job representing us. The booth looked attractive and was situated in a great spot, and all in all I thought it was super positive. We have enough vendor and customer leads to keep us busy for some time.” –Paul


“I was very proud of some of our younger team members who had never been to a food show before. Going to a food show is about meeting other people and, this year, we made it a point that everyone at Ace actually got out of the office and participated. There is a big difference between emailing someone every day, and actually meeting them–even if you’re not a ‘salesperson.’ So the younger members got to experience that, and that’s really important.” –Matt


 Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made our time at the 2017 NY Restaurant Show so wonderful!

Images: Ace Natural

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