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Special Smorgasburg September

Remember when we first wrote about Brooklyn Flea’s phenomenal food fair Smorgasburg? No? Well, we don’t blame you–it was so long ago that we can barely recall it, either.  In order to right this wrong, we headed to Brooklyn last weekend and reacquainted ourselves with this most gastronomically pleasing of affairs. One of the many wonderful […]

Keep on Cookin’: Candle Cafe’s New Cookbook

Over here at Ace, we happen to be of the opinion that there are certain holidays out there (ahem Thanksgiving and Christmas) that receive more than their fair share of attention. Come November, it’s all about the turkeys and the thanks, yet when the summer solstice rolls around, it’s rare to see anyone sharing tips […]

What’s Up, Doc?

“I love those documentaries where everyone is fabulous and always perfect,” said Katy Perry in response to…actually, we’re not sure what she’s talking about, as we’ve never seen one of these documentaries and even suspect that she may be confusing the entire genre with music videos (in which case we could not agree more–music videos […]

DIY: Organic Mango Guacamole Salad

The summer months are wonderful because it’s so easy to find lots of yummy, ripe fruits and veggies brimming with color and flavor at local grocery stores and farmer’s markets. The only downside is that–after three months of summer–it can be tiresome to think up new ways to prepare them, especially when it comes to recipes that have […]

Pretty in Paleo: One Brave Brooklynite Takes On A 30-Day Challenge

What exactly is a paleo diet? In order to learn more about this regimen, we picked up Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love To Eat and began reading. Turns out that the paleo “way of eating [is] based on the idea that we feel our best—and are our healthiest, mentally and physically—when we […]

Must Love Blogs

It’s been a while since our last blog round-up, during which we introduced you to a bunch of our favorite virtual cooks. Looking back, however, we realize that a lot of you are probably looking for something more specific than the general label “health food”–so this time, we’re focusing on those who are solely vegan, raw, […]

Happy Blogday, Ace! + DIY: Raw Cacao Mousse Cupcakes

It’s the Ace Blog’s birthday! Yep, that’s right: exactly 2 years ago, we decided to start bloggin’ and we haven’t looked back since. Over this time we’ve been lucky enough to interview many of our amazing vendors, make lots of yummy dishes, explore the history of organic food, and much more–and we’re only getting started! In the spirit of […]

Vendor Spotlight: Agostoni’s Organic Chocolate

All of us at Ace adore healthy sweets–a statement which may lead some of our customers to question why we offer no more than one brand of organic chocolate. We can only answer that we feel Agostoni Chocolate’s products are truly the premium and we want our customers to have nothing less than the best. Agostoni is a […]

Healthy Child In The City

A few months ago, we asked our New York-based readers to share their quirky food habits, unusual diets, healthy living tips, food-related stories, and more because all of us at Ace want to get to know the lovely folks who read this blog. First up is the lovely Bella who you may remember from our recent Angelica Kitchen review. […]

Market Report: Organic Sugar and Wheat Flour

Howdy blog-reading folks! It’s been a long time since we’ve shared a market report with you all and we’re sure that you’re eager to know why you’re being charged the great (and occasionally not-so-great) prices that come with your favorite products. It’s easy to feel a bit lost if you don’t always know where the foods you […]

DIY: Berry Delicious Chilled Fruit Soup

When we first came across this recipe we couldn’t wait to try it. It seemed too good to be true: sugar and berries and alcohol all mixed into a saucepan, set to simmer, and then called “dinner?” We had to give it a go…and lo and behold, folks, our instincts were not wrong. You will slurp this […]

Faces of Ace: Neo Rodriguez

Neo Rodriguez, who works in Ace’s warehouse and deals with quality control for produce, laughingly describes himself as a “semi-new” employee at Ace, having jumped on the bandwagon less than a year ago. While he may not have worked here for very long, he knew founder Larry Vierling long before Ace’s creation–Neo actually worked at Commodities, the natural […]

DIY: Candle 79′s Organic Vegan Paella

Paella is a dish that encapsulates much of what Ace stands for–delicious and fresh with an emphasis on creativity, eating as a community, and local ingredients. Originating in Valencia, Spain, paella was first created by laborers who would cook their lunchtime meal over an open fire and eat the finished product straight from the pan, each […]

DIY: Organic Reekikur and Khorsani

“REEKIKUR”/POTATO PANCAKES Hello one and all! A few months ago, I introduced myself and wrote that for the spring semester I would be studying abroad in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. Well, I had a fantastic time and am back now, ready to share some of the amazing dishes that I learned to make. First up […]

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Feasting Like Queens at Angelica Kitchen

Hello, Ace readers! It’s Luna here and I have a confession to make: in the past, “creamy,” “rich,” and “buttery” were never adjectives that came to mind when I thought of vegan fare–but after dining at Angelica Kitchen last Wednesday, I believe that they very well may have been invented to describe my meal. One of our longest standing customers, this East Village […]

One Sweet Deal: Certified Organic Coconut Sugar from Big Tree Farms

For a guy who claims to be devoid of a sweet tooth, Frederick Schilling, founder of Dagoba Chocolate and co-owner of Big Tree Farms, a Bali, Indonesia-based company which created the first certified organic coconut palm sugar in the world, sure is surrounded by a lot of sweet stuff. Schilling first met Blair and Ben, […]

Coming Soon: Ace’s Summer Produce Preview

Hello Ace readers! As we’ve been excitedly pointing out for some time now, we are so happy that the sweet warm weather is finally here–what a long winter New York has had! The pleasant rise in temperature brings not only dusky picnics with friends, free concerts, and the one time of the year when it’s socially […]

Calling All Readers!

Hello one and all, It’s Luna here. All of us at Ace hope that you’ve been enjoying our miniseries Faces of Ace. We’ve loved introducing you to some of our wonderful team members and we hope to lure more of them onto the blog in the future. Now it’s your turn! We want to meet our […]

DIY: Smoky-Sweet Organic Glazed Carrots

When was the last time that you sat down to dinner, picked up your fork, took a heaping bite of your vegetables and thought, Wow, these are uniquely amazing? “Uniquely amazing” is how The Clean Plates Cookbook describes their Smoky-Sweet Organic Glazed Carrots recipe and we couldn’t agree more. Over here at Ace, these carrots have snagged […]

Faces of Ace: Kathy Lavigne-Gonzalez and Keymen Gonzalez

We recently sat down and chatted with Kathy, who has been working as Ace’s Purchasing Manager for the last 12 years. Half of Ace’s only married employee couple, Kathy was kind enough to translate for her husband Keymen, who primarily speaks Spanish and has been working in Ace’s warehouse part-time for the last 3 years. Parents […]

Faces of Ace: Drew Schelker

Meet Customer Service and Produce Procurement Representative Drew Schelker, who happens to be the latest addition to the Ace team. A Long Island native, Drew only recently moved back to NY from Switzerland where he was enjoying his dual citizenship and making money selling watches. Drew, who describes himself as a “steak and potatoes guy,” recommends the Blue Ribbon Restaurant in Brooklyn for […]

DIY: Organic BluePrint Cleanse

As the winter blends into the spring, it’s natural to feel the need to do some cleaning. Sometimes this manifests in a thorough kitchen scrubdown, alphabetizing our books, or once in a while, the urge to do a juice cleanse. At Ace we never encourage readers or customers to push themselves to uncomfortable extremes in […]

It’s An Egg-Centric World

Here at Ace, we think it’s safe to say that we live in a pretty egg-centric society. There is a plethora of egg-centered sayings, popular year-round, like “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” and “Don’t count your eggs till they’ve hatched.” Although certainly not everyone celebrates, […]

Faces of Ace: Alberto Gonzalez

Meet Ace’s Corporate Social Responsibility Director Alberto Gonzalez, who joined our team last year. Half Italian and half Spanish, Alberto was born in Argentina and lived there until moving to New York 9 years ago. Some of you may know him as the guy who conceived and started GustOrganics, New York’s first certified organic restaurant. He […]

Faces of Ace: Dawn R. Jones

Meet Ace’s Produce Sales Champion Dawn R. Jones. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dawn moved to New York 6 years ago and now resides in Queens with her two kids. She often goes back to visit Cleveland despite the teasing she gets from native New Yorkers: “Tor [my boss at Ace] would call it the ‘mistake on the lake,’” she […]